2021 Summer Hat Trends For Women

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Why Do You Need Summer Accessories?

Summer has finally arrived, and one of our favourite things about this season is the stylish accessories that we get to wear. In the Winter, we are often bundled up in layers of clothing, scarves and woolly hats; although they keep us toasty and warm, they don’t always result in the most fashionable look. When the weather is warmer, you can wear whatever you like, giving you ample opportunity to show off your favourite Summer picks.

An accessory can completely transform an outfit, giving it the finishing touch it needs to make you look absolutely fabulous. Finding the right piece gives you a chance to show off your own personal style, ensuring that you and your outfit are entirely unique. We often assume that accessories are just for special occasions, like a day out at the races, but this is not actually the case; they can also compliment an everyday outfit, whether you want a new look for the office, or a cool, but casual style for a coffee date.

Although there are many Summer accessories to choose from, one of our favourites is the hat! In the Summer, there are so many different styles of millinery, from casual, to black-tie formal, making it so difficult to choose just one look.

From decade to decade, hat trends are always changing, meaning that it becomes harder to keep up with the latest fashions. However, we have rounded up all the newest hat trends so that you can spend the Summer looking phenomenal.

Casual Hats Trending This Season


Since Mamma Mia 2 came out in 2018, every fashionista has aspired to be Donna Sheridon; the main character, Donna, sports an informal, but feminine style that incorporates light Summer dresses, minimalistic sandals and, of course, a pair of dungarees. However, people often overlook Donna’s incredible taste in accessories, particularly her love of floppy straw hats. These hats have become a must-have for every woman’s Summer haul; although they might seem simple, they have that light, classy edge which makes them the perfect choice for a day out at the beach. If you are looking for that Mamma Mia look, the floppy straw hat is definitely the way to go, the bigger, the better.

woman-in-bucket-hatAnother underrated hat that has made a comeback this year is the bucket hat. Some may think that these hats reached their peak in the 1990s, but they have actually become very popular over the past few months. Surprisingly, they seem to come in every material imaginable including nylon, fur, cashmere, cotton, denim and linen; these accessories have become a Summer staple, designed to go with every outfit for every occasion. Choosing the material of your bucket hat will define your overall look, whether you decide to go formal or casual. Bucket hats once accompanied clubbing attire and 90s overalls, but now, they have become a rather luxurious accessory, with brands like Prada and Gucci pricing them at over £400.

If you want to go for a bold look, the bucket hat is definitely a great choice.

baseball-cap-summer-fashion-vogueLast but not least, the baseball cap has become a go-to look for a relaxed Summer get-up. Generally, baseball caps have been associated with an athletic, sporty look that is only appropriate for a casual event. However, even Vogue have admitted that these accessories are have become tasteful pieces that can be used to dress down a sophisticated look.
One of the best aspects of the baseball cap is its versatility which allows it to work with any outfit. Rhianna has often been spotted wearing a professional business ensemble with a baseball cap to create that classy, yet laid-back, combo. The cap can also be worn in a more relaxed setting, paired with some straight-leg denim jeans and a white cropped tee shirt.

As well as giving you that cool edge, a baseball cap is actually the perfect practical accessory for surviving the British weather! If you haven’t got an umbrella on you, you can just hide under your hat; and if the sun decides to pop out, then you don’t need to bother with that factor 50 sunscreen.

Formal Hats To Watch This Summer 

woman-at-the-races-formal-hat-attireDespite our love for the casual hat, sometimes you need something a little more elegant if you are attending a Summer wedding or if you’re off to the races. Given that so many weddings were postponed earlier this year, all Summer weddings are now back on, meaning that you need to know exactly what’s ‘in’ to keep yourself looking sophisticated and proper.

A key fashion theme that has been emerging this year is the focus on nature and florals; having been stuck in lockdown for so long, we have all become much more appreciative of the world around us, yearning for long walks on the beach and strolls in the woods. Our mindset shift has also translated to the world of fashion, meaning that formal hats have incorporated more flowers, and designs inspired by nature.

As well as using florals in wedding fascinators, hat trends have also become more focused on earthy colour schemes; these pastel hues include creams, sages, yellows and peaches. These neutral tones are the perfect choice for a wedding because they are subtle, yet impactful, ensuring that you look your absolute best, without distracting from the bride.


When it comes to hats, our philosophy is normally the bigger, the better; but for a Summer wedding, we believe that less is more. Picking a small fascinator with a few delicate embellishments is a great way to look elegant yet understated.

However, if you are planning a day at the races, that is a completely different story; a ladies day at the races is your chance to go big or go home. Most of the time, you will have to adhere to a formal dress code, but in terms of picking a hat, you can certainly be a little more daring with your fashion choices. Some of the major race-day colour schemes that are trending right now are fuchsia & black or Pantone palettes of yellow & grey.

Whatever hat you decide on this Summer, make sure it suits your overall style and compliments your outfit; if you are in need of some more styling tips, be sure to watch this space and check out our online shop.




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