The Trending Accessories This Summer

The colour of 2022

A fundamental element of design and style is colour. Colours evoke emotions, states of mind and just general moods. Expressing personality and character through colour is becoming more and more empowering to people worldwide. 

Pantone has provided the industry standard of colour in design since the 1960s and has announced the colour to represent 2022 as Very Peri. Very Peri is described as the perfect way to represent the world embracing a new altered landscape of possibilities as we emerge out of isolation and illustrate the fusion of modern life after such an uncertain time.

Purple derives from the colours red and blue, red representing love and passion and blue an emblem of tranquillity and wisdom. I know what you’re thinking, complete opposites aren’t they? But like everyone says ‘opposites attract. 

Since Very Peri is the colour of the year it would be rude not to incorporate it into some of your summer outfits. The colour is thought to connect an individual's spiritual side to their style, and fashion and overall encourage creativity.

Here at Lady Elegance and Chaps, we love to add colour to your outfit through accessories, especially SHOES!

Our violet Perlato court shoes are beautifully classic. The small heel offers comfort but is still the perfect strut to show off the stunning shoe.

The Hogl patent leather heels are another way to incorporate a subtle amount of lilac into your outfit. The calming, subtle shade of purple is so easy to add to any outfit without overpowering any other element of your outfit. 

Chunky heels 

An accessory of 2022 has to be the chunky heels. Chunky heels are the new improved wedges in the world of shoes. Quickly climbing to one of the top trends this summer. They offer a solid, eye-catching look as well as bring the comfort that delicate stilettos can’t offer.

Chunky heels typically have a reputation of beer casual style shoes, however, these heels don’t have to be casual, especially not Irregular Choice chunky heels!

Heels with socks 

The idea of socks and heels might sound a bit too out there for you but it is nowhere near as much of a fashion faux-pas as you think. In fact, it's quite a quirky trend that lets you show off your fun, child-at-heart style. 

The key to wearing socks with chunky heels is to let the shoes be the focal point of the outfit. Keep the clothes and socks neutral and let the shoes do the work. While this style brings out your whimsical style, you can still look put together with a quirky twist by keeping the rest of the outfit more subtle.

Making the heels the statement 

There isn’t a better collection here at Lady Elegance and Chaps than irregular choice for a pair of statement heels.

Irregular Choice was founded in 1999 by Dan Sullivan who created the brand to be expressive, daring and unique. The shoes are designed for people who crave something a little different, bringing a touch of fun and personality to every outfit. Dare to be different and make the Irregular choice…

Irregular Choice is known for its bright and bold shoes, and so, if you keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple, you really allow them to pop! 

  • These black and red wedges are the perfect summer pick for a summer haul. The red heart print on the wedge, combined with the polka dots makes for the cutest look. 





Another favourite from our Irregular Choice range is this absolute work of art! The heart-shaped heel is uniquely stunning along with the black and gold colour scheme which creates a glamorous look for all events. 

The traditional dress code for a wedding can mean people find it hard to express themselves and their personalities. And that's what statement shoes are for! Your dress might not be as colourful or vibrant as you would like it to be, but your heels certainly can be. Sequins, bows and sparkles may seem over-the-top for a dress but when compressed to shoe style, they feel more than acceptable, in fact, more the merrier!



Oversized Bags

Is there really anything more versatile than an oversized tote bag this summer? There isn’t an everyday activity that wouldn’t benefit from a tote bag, there’s room for everything you need and more.

Tote bags are perfect for the busy trendsetters always on the go. The bags are big enough to store your multiple outfit changes, everyday makeup collection and of course an umbrella for the unpredictable British weather.

Oversized tote bags are fashionable, unique and are sure to make a statement and there is no brand we want to shout louder about than the beautifully unique Vendula London bags.

Vendula London takes inspiration from the world around them, looking at animals, pubs, literature, and cafes to inspire their designs. There is also a very vintage feel about the brand, offering a beautiful blend between the modern and the traditional.

Two of our favourites are The Animal Park Ostrich cut-out handle tote bag and the Queen X Weekender tote bag. 

The Vendula Animal Park Ostrich cut-out handle tote bag is perfect for all occasions. The majestic ostrich gives it a sumptuous look and it’s roomy for all your essentials making it practical.

Then of course there is the Queen X edition tote bag. What a great everyday bag this tote is, with plenty of space and pockets to keep you organised and secure. It has a comfortable handle and strap so you can use it as a grab, crossbody bag or over the shoulder. Show your rock chick side with the musical notes and colourful instruments detail today!

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