The Must Have Wedding Accessories For This Summer

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The wedding season has finally arrived! Choosing what to wear to a wedding is always difficult when fashion trends are constantly changing. One year it’s appropriate to wear black and the next year, it’s an absolute scandal! Keeping up with what’s in-vogue is critical if you want to make a good impression at all your social events, and at weddings, you always need to be top of your game style-wise.
The reason it can be so tricky shopping for a wedding guest outfit is because it’s not only the dress or the suit, but all the accessories that go into making it a jaw-dropping outfit. There is nothing worse than turning up to your friends big day and realising that you are overdressed, and being underdressed is certainly not what you want.
Although weddings are beautiful in every season, we all know that Summer is one of the best times to get married. The blue skies and light evenings make for an elegant evening of dancing, drinks and good times with friends and family; not only is Summer the perfect setting for a big wedding, but it also makes outfit choices much easier. In Autumn and Winter, you have to think much more about how warm you are going to be or if it’s going to rain, but with the hot weather in June and July, you are free to wear whatever your heart desires…
Hopefully this article will give you a little insight into what accessories and colour schemes are trending right now as well as top tips on how to pick the perfect outfit for the specific wedding you’re attending; if you want to see what our little boutique has to offer, we have a beautiful collection of Wedding Guest Accessories to suit every style.
 Check Out The Wedding Theme
It goes without saying that before you even contemplate your wedding guest outfit, you need to find out the theme of the wedding. Every wedding has a theme no matter how subtle or unassuming; it may just be a certain colour that runs through the floral decorations or, perhaps, a popular aesthetic like bohemian or black tie formals. 
Most brides will have a pretty clear idea of what sort of look and atmosphere they want to create on their big day, so be sure to get the low-down on the style of venue, dress and overall vibe. Once you know the theme, you can start to pick out your dress and accessories to match.
 Gold is the New Beige…
So, prior to picking out your accessories, you will need to select a dress to influence the rest of the ensemble. Although beiges and creams are still an appropriate choice for a formal event, 2022 has seen a growing popularity in bolder metallic colours like coppers, silvers and golds. As we mentioned, this is dependent on the theme of the wedding, but these shimmery shades will certainly give you that wow factor, whilst also keeping it classy.
However, if you do opt for a bold gold dress, you need to make sure you don’t upstage the bride; there is nothing a bride wants less than to walk down the aisle feeling outshone by her friends and family. Of course you can still look fabulous, but we would suggest that if you do go for the metallic look, choose a dress that’s long, modest and refined; think Karen Millen meets Prada.
Once you’ve got the dress, you need a few stylish accessories to pull the whole look together. If you do decide on the metallic dress, we have a few pairs of silver and gold heels that would certainly match well.
 It’s All About The Clutch
No one can attend a wedding without a little handbag for your daily essentials; weddings are pretty much an all day and all night event, so you will definitely need to keep your lipstick, your phone and your tissues on hand. Shoulder bags have always been a common choice for wedding guests, but we are of the opinion that it’s all about the clutch. 
 Clutch bags have become especially popular this year because they are very much following the “less is more” fashion rule. When it comes to weddings, you want to make sure that you don’t go overboard with bold colours, patterns and textures. We would suggest that you choose one aspect of your outfit to be the statement piece whether that be the dress, the hat (our personal favourite accessory), the shoes or the bag. 
Our Vendula London Bubble Bag is ideal for weddings because it has a detachable chain that means you can wear it as a clutch bag to a wedding and a shoulder bag for your next night out with the girls. This gorgeous, sparkly accessory has just enough room for all of your belongings including your lipstick, compact mirror, phone, loose change and other bits & bobs.
 We personally think that clutch bags are a perfect choice for a wedding because they’re lightweight, petite and it doesn’t distract from the rest of your outfit.
Bigger Hat, Bigger Impact 
Although we advise you to keep it simple with the bag, we think you should go big on the hat. There is simply no better time to buy a hat or fascinator than during the wedding season. With the popularity of period dramas like Bridgerton, the demand for feathers, hair accessories and hats has never been greater.  
If you are keeping the rest of your outfit rather understated, then we encourage you to express yourself with a hat that exudes grace, glamour and romance all at the same time. Our stunning range of hand made hats and fascinators certainly have something for everyone, but our Occasion Hat is definitely the most striking with monochrome mystique and feathers galore.
When it comes to hats, go big or go home is our motto.
If In Doubt, Ask The Bride & Groom! 
Our final piece of advise when dressing for a Summer wedding is to ask the bride and groom what they think. At the end of the day, it’s their wedding day, so they will know what sort of attire is expected. 
Lastly, make sure you wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, as long as you feel good, you are sure to have a magical time at the weddings to come.
If you need any more guidance on what to wear this Summer, be sure to pop into our shop and say hello; if you can’t make it down here, feel free to browse and buy our stunning range of accessories online.

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