Express Your Personality Through Your Accessories

Accessories are becoming increasingly more popular in the fashion industry however because accessories are not a new fashion trend, people have had time to test out the waters and figure out what accessories help express their personality the best.
Accessories are the perfect way to add versatility and creativity to any outfit whilst still keeping it classy and sophisticated.
Here at Lady Elegance, we love to work with brands that embrace all individual styles and personalities. These are just a couple of our favourites.
Vendula handbags 
Vendula London is a quirky, original fashion accessories brand. Their iconic bags and purses are inspired by a range of different themes, from animals to Shakespeare. 
Vendula launched in 2003 and has since become one of fashion's funkiest brands. It continues to grow its customer list across the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America. Vendula believes their success comes down to the passion and imagination that goes into every detail of their accessories. 
They are loud and proud about creating bags that allow individuals to stand out from the crowd. Vendulas core values are to always be experimental, stand out from the crowd, make people smile and most importantly, have fun!
Our collection of Vendula handbags is one of our favourites because not only are they beautifully designed but their bags are made from touchy-feely, animal-friendly vegan leather and bright synthetics. The time and care they put into sourcing the right components for each accessory is to perfection, and we are just as loud and proud to sell this brand. 
Our favourite bag in this range this month has to be the corner shop mini grace bag. It is an easy-to-carry bag with a detachable strap and studs at the bottom so it is easy to put down without damaging the material. This bag allows you to look elegant on any occasion with its exquisite artwork and embossed details as well as show you bold, stand-out from the crowd personality. Shop this look here!
Laura Vita sandals 
Laura Vita was created in 2004 in the north of France and is a combination of two names. Laura is inspired by the Latin word "laurus", translated as "laurel" and carries a meaning of glory, victory and by extension, joy. Vita is from the Latin "vita", meaning life.
Laura Vita products are dedicated to giving women a way to fully express their personality; ignoring convention and prejudged ideas. 
This brand throws so much colour and pattern into all of their shoes, the perfect way to incorporate a statement accessory into any outfit.
Laura Vita is a perfect brand when looking for sandals to add a splash of colour and excitement to your look. The summer holidays have only just begun so make your holiday fashion POP with these stand out sandals!
Irregular Choice 
It's all in the name!
Irregular Choice was founded in 1999 by Dan Sullivan who became bored of the everyday shoe and wanted to create something that was expressive, daring and unique!  
These shoes are certainly suited to those who crave something a little different, bringing a touch of fun to every outfit. In Sullivan's first few years of running the business, he decided to take some time off to travel. Whilst he was away, he was inspired by an array of architecture, food and culture, which he allowed to influence his whimsical designs.
Dare to be different and make the Irregular Choice… Shop Now!
Our favourite from this collection has to be these black and red wedges, nobody can deny they aren’t the perfect pick for a summer haul! The red heart print on the wedge, combined with the dainty polka dots on the black bow makes for the cutest look!
These shoes would look adorable paired with a poodle skirt and a short-sleeved top for the vintage 1950s look; however if you want to go for a more subtle look, pairing them with an all-black outfit looks classy and sophisticated.
Bespoke handmade fascinators 
Summer is a season full of fabulous events such as weddings and races, These events scream class and elegance and therefore can be quite difficult to dress your personality too. Here at Lady Elegance, our incredibly talented milliner makes beautiful bespoke occasion hats and fascinators to suit everyone's style. 
She strives to give that ‘WOW’ factor meaning you will certainly be the best-dressed guest at every event.
View our gallery here and when you spot something that screams you, give us a call to find out more.

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