Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, we look forward to a new year and a fresh start. Around Christmas time, we start to think about changes we would like to make in our lives, from health kicks we would like to start to trends we plan to try. Whether you have made your new years resolutions or not, we wanted to share a few things we are looking forward to in 2022.

From new pattern designs to shocking, bright colour schemes, you can expect a lot of new trends in accessories and clothing next year!

In the world of fashion, one of the things you can always count on is that nothing ever stays the same…

Bold Colour Palettes

First things first, let’s talk about colour. Everyone has their own personal style, so you might be into creams & beige, or you might be into pink & glitter, but why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

2022 is going to be the year of colour. Although we appreciate the calm, soothing hues of sage green and earthy browns, bold, block colours always pack more of a punch. If you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, then this is certainly the trend for you.

One of the great things about trends is that you can interpret them in your own way; there is no set list of rules. You could opt for an outfit that only sports one bold colour or you could layer pieces of clothing with every shade of that hue. Alternatively, you could live on the edge and create outfits that colour clash. Whichever way you want to embrace this trend is up to you.

The reason that using colour in your outfits is so exciting is because it takes you back to your childhood. Bring a little fun to your wardrobe with this Vogue-level trend.


Who’s up for some stripes? That’s right, striped trousers, tops, jackets and dresses are all back in! Over the past year, we have seen a lot of styles resurface from the 2000s y2k aesthetic to 1970s psychedelic fashion. The 70s were renowned for their funky colour palettes and adoration of pattern and shape. If you are someone who craves a return the the good ol’ days or if you just enjoying a touch of retro, then this trend might just be perfect for you.

As with the other trends, you can style this your way; maybe you love a classic pinstripe suit for work? Or maybe you want to keep your outfit plain, but add a touch of whimsy with a optical illusion striped handbag?

Stripes are a great pattern because they can be strict and mathematical, or wavy and fanciful. Nautical stripes can also make a statement, giving off those hazy Summer vibes that make everyone feel instantly relaxed. Our Saint James collection offers a variety of menswear clothing & accessories that embrace that quirky, nautical look.

Bright White

White can be a particularly powerful colour in fashion. When worn appropriately, it can shock, stun and invoke admiration. There is something especially fresh about bright white when brought into your Spring & Summer wardrobe; it adds that crisp, clean look that could be styled for a casual day at the beach or a black tie formal event.

When it comes to styling in our homes and our wardrobes, we appear on a scale of minimalism to maximalism. If you consider yourself to be more of a maximalist, then the bold colour trend may be better suited to you. However, if you believe yourself to be a minimalist, then an array of bright white accessories will transform your 2022 style.

Whichever trend you decide to try out, make sure it reflects your personal style. If you are looking to vamp up your wardrobe in 2022, check out some of our designer accessories; shop online or visit us in store in the New Year.

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