Happy Valentines Day from Lady Elegance & Chaps

Now that the festivities of Christmas seem so far away now, we look forward to other celebrations and holidays in the New Year. As you know, today is Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is the perfect time to get all dressed up and treat yourself. 

You might be in a long term-relationship, maybe you have your first date all lined up, or perhaps you are opting for a girls night out with nibbles and prosecco. Whatever you’re planning, make sure you wear something that makes you feel strong and confident. If you are struggling to style an outfit, we have a few suggestions for your big night out or your cosy night in…

Styling your Valentines Day Outfit

Colour Schemes for Valentines Day

Traditionally, the colour scheme for a Valentine’s outfit would include pastel pinks, deep reds and creamy whites; this look gives off that very feminine, girly aesthetic that makes you look as though you have walked straight out of a rom-com movie. Every woman is different, and even though this romantic style might the perfect choice for some, for others it may be a little too much.

Make sure you stay true to yourself this Valentine’s Day; don’t force it or try to be something that you’re not. If pink and frilly isn’t your style, find another way to celebrate the day; perhaps you could opt for an all-black outfit with pops of crimson reds to create an edgier, more powerful look. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading off to a romantic dinner or planning a girls movie night with popcorn and cocktails, you need to feel comfortable and stylish in a way that’s authentic to you. Valentines day isn’t just about couples celebrating their love but also celebrating loving yourself!

Outfit Choices

Of course, you’re outfit will depend on what you have planned for the evening, but here are a few quick ideas for anyone who doesn’t know where to start...

1. Look 1: Throw on a pair of skinny black jeans, comfy black ankle boots, and an oversized knit jumper; this look is simple but impactful. If you do want to incorporate a little Valentines glamour, you can pick a jumper that includes the stereotypical colours of pinks and reds; alternatively, you could choose a design that has some little love heart prints on it. This idea seems pretty basic at first glance, but it can be made fabulous with a few accessorises. Maybe even with one of Lady Elegance & Chaps beautiful, unique Vendula handbags. 

2. Look 2: You can never go wrong with a mini dress! If you are heading out on the town, then a plain, block-colour mini dress can give you that romantic look without being over the top. Given that we live in the UK, you also need to think about practicality; you don’t want to head out for a beautiful evening only to be freezing cold all night long. Get yourself a pair of patterned tights to keep you nice and warm, and slip into some knee high black boots to construct that vogueish, layered look. Lastly, opt for a long leather jacket to pull the outfit together; the colour scheme is up to you, but we think that a red mini dress with black boots and a black jacket would make you look grungy yet classy at the same time.

3. Look 3: Keep it sweet and casual with a long pencil skirt and a snuggly turtleneck. If you are heading off for a date night after a day in the office, then why not choose something that is both professional and Valentine’s appropriate? Colour wise, we would recommend a long, red pencil skirt with a black turtle neck tucked in. Slip into a pair of red or black heels to finish off the look; to keep the outfit business-like in the daytime, you can layer it under a tailored blazer jacket, and then, after work, lose the blazer, put on your favourite chunky earrings, grab a sparkly clutch bag and you’re ready for a night on the town!

Don’t be afraid to Accessorize!

So now you have your outfit and colour scheme, it’s time to move on to the fun part…the accessories! Once you know what you’re wearing, make sure you add some hats, jewellery, belts and bags to complete the ensemble. Given that it is Valentine’s Day, you might want to wear some big heart earrings or a bedazzled, diamante necklace. Remember, the aim is to wear something you wouldn’t wear on every other day, whilst also staying true your own personal style.

If you want to go for the casual yet professional look (look 3), then you might want to add a sparkly belt to add a touch of glamour; this can help to bring a little fun to the outfit, giving you the party-girl aesthetic without being too out there.

 In terms of bags, you want to think about the main colours and patterns that stand out with what you are already wearing. If you’re outfit is plain and simple, then you need your accessorises to pop- so this means loud colours and maybe a bold print to make you stand out from the crowd. Our Vendula London collection offers the perfect selection of unique, innovative handbags to create an eye-catching look. However, if your outfit involves a lot of bright colours and patterns, then you want to pick a bag that is simple but elegant; our range of Peter Kaiser clutch bags and shoes are designed to give you a beautifully understated look, allowing you to be daring with your clothes, but classy with your accessories.

Lastly, you need to pick out some shoes that go with the rest of your outfit. For boots, you can’t go wrong with Hogl, but for heels, we recommend Irregular Choice and Azuree.

Ideas to do on Valentine’s Day

Voila! There you have it, our top outfits and styling tips for Valentine’s Day! We just want to finish off by giving you a few Valentine’s Day ideas:

  • A romantic dinner for two
  • A cocktail making class with your girlfriends
  • An all-day hike with your other half
  • A cosy movie night in with your best friend
  • A cooking class with your friends or your partner
  • A game night with wine and cheese
  • A pub quiz with your mates
  • A magical camping trip in your favourite outdoor setting
  • A trip to a luxury hotel spa

We hope you have a wonderful evening and, no matter what your plans are, make sure you have fun and do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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