Spring Fashion Trends For 2022

After the harsh Winter months begin to melt away, we breath in the fresh Spring air and look forward to the warmer days ahead. 
At this time of year, we all begin to feel that lack of motivation and excitement; perhaps this is due to the long, dark days that Winter brings, as well as the lack of festivities between January and March. However, as soon as we see those bright yellow daffodils leap from the green grass, we know that we have much more to look forward to.
Since the sun is out and the stormy weather is behind us, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the top Spring fashion trends for 2022; we have listed all the major crazes that everyone is talking about to help you get the look this season.
Get ready to pattern up!
First things first, let’s talk about pattern. Patterned clothes and accessories are something that are either in or out; we often flit between maximalist styles and minimalist styles depending on what’s currently in-vogue or on the racks in the high street stores. Of course, everyone has their own personal style, but you can’t ignore what’s trending and what’s not. At the moment, we are delighted to tell you that patterns are very much in!
Given that Spring is perhaps the most colourful season of all, it makes sense that our outfits should be too. From the vibrant pinks, purples and reds of the blooming Spring flowers to the blue skies and sunshine, there truly is no better time to show off your love of colour. One of the most popular looks at the moment is matching patterned two-pieces; picture a pink, plaid mini skirt with a matching sweater vest and a little pair of light, white pumps- think Emily In Paris meets Clueless.
Right now, the more pattern and colour, the better. That goes for handbags too!
We’re going to need a bigger bag…
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Generally, we have different handbags for different reasons; you might have a small handbag for running errands and a large, oversized handbag for a trip to the beach. However, these bags are more about practicality than style, but why not have both? We were thrilled to hear that big bags are all the rage this Spring.
This is great news for those of you who can’t leave home without a small suitcase of essentials; when we say big bags, we mean very big bags. Think of a bag that looks so oversized that is reaches from your shoulder down to your hip- that’s the sort of size we’re looking for this season. The reason that these bags are so stylish is because their large size almost makes them apart of your main outfit; for this reason, we would suggest picking out a handbag that really has that WOW factor- what’s the point in going big if you can’t turn a few heads with the design?
Our range of Vendula London tote bags would make the perfect addition to your big bag look with a range of funky, bright designs that are guaranteed to make an impression this season.
Let the florals blossom
This rather goes without saying, but seeing as it’s Spring, you’ve got to embrace those florals. Sometimes, the fashion world feels that florals can look old and outdated, but as long as you do florals the right way, you are sure to be on-fleek.
 At the moment, flowers and botanical prints are very much in. However, if you want to go for that airy, sophisticated look, then you don’t want to opt for dresses and skirts that have ditsy, tiny little flowers; to make an impact, go for the designs that have large, detailed flowers dancing across the fabric. These types of pieces are intended to make a statement, but you can also choose something that speaks to you personally; it’s always important to remember that following trends is not just about sticking to the status quo, but putting your own spin on something that’s popular.
If you really want to stand out and wear something eye grabbing, you could also choose some three dimensional clothing where the florals literally grow off the design. This is particularly on-trend in Vogue magazine right now with models sporting long dresses and skirts that have material flowers blooming off their hips, hems and collars. 
If you are feeling like you really want to embrace the season, then what better way to do it than by celebrating the blossoming flowers?
Loafers are back!
There’s nothing like a good shoe to help you step into Spring. It may surprise you to learn that the famous loafer shoe is back in fashion. Traditionally, these shoes have been seen as rather fuddy-duddy and antiquated, but as we all know, trends always come full circle. The main reason that this shoe has become popular again is due to it’s practicality and charmingly twee aesthetic. Not only is a loafer comfy and breathable, but they also give off those cutesy, preppy vibes, yet in an elegant, Chanel-like way.
One of the best things about loafers is that they can be worn throughout all the seasons; in Autumn & Winter, they can be styled with tights and over-the-knee socks, whilst in spring and Summer, they can be worn with ankle socks and mini-skirts. They can be worn in the office during the daytime, and then stylishly dressed down in the evening for a night out on the town; it’s the sheer versatility of this shoe that makes it so appealing to the masses. Luckily for you, we have a wide range of gorgeous loafers that are suited to every occasion, whether formal or casual. 
If you are intrigued by the prospect of loafers, but you can’t quite imagine how to style them, here are a few quick ideas:
 Look 1: Try keeping it simple with a patterned maxi dress, a little pouch bag, a pair of your favourite sunglasses, and some black loafers to pull the look together. This get-up is perfect for Spring because it’s light and airy, giving off a style that’s both sophisticated and casual.
 Look 2: Go for the classy but casual look with a luxury, white shirt tucked into a pair of high waisted mom jeans, a pair of dark sunglasses and the loafers to finish the ensemble. This outfit is the perfect choice for a brunch date with the girls or an early evening drink by the river; nothing says effortlessly beautiful like a pair of jeans dressed up with loafers.
Look 3: If you are looking for more of an edge, then opt for a pair of denim shorts, wear a little black camisole top beneath a light material blazer, add a shoulder bag, throw on those sunglasses and complete the outfit with your staple loafers. This is certainly more of a cool, contemporary look, but the loafers give it that air of luxury, ensuring that you look approachable but high class.
We hope that we’ve given you a little inspiration on what to wear this Spring and if you need a few accessories to expand you’re wardrobe, our shop is here all year round, whether you want to shop online or in-store.

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